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Elegant joinery for luxury motorhomes.

Joinery has historically been a key skill for Fleurette Constructeur. We take great care over the furniture design for our Florium motorhomes, bringing you unique settings and interiors, and continuing our desire to offer you exceptional, ever more comfortable and modern motorhomes.

Trade practices change and we must adapt our manufacturing processes to maintain the high quality of our vehicles while preserving our unique expertise and craftsmanship practices through our furniture manufacturing. 

Our joinery workshop draws on a wide range of skills and processes, with the aim of constantly adding to the layouts and fittings in our luxury motorhomes. Every year our teams work diligently to offer you the finest woodwork, both in its transformation and its treatment.

100% mastery for over 50 years

  • offering you robustness and better durability
  • creating inviting, unique interior styles
  • ensuring you enjoy furniture that combines practicality and elegance